First the movies then the IT firms

What is it with Kannadigas? Why are they so fscking insecure?

Banning non-kannada films in order to promote the dubbed/remade Kannada films clearly shows that thesome people here lack intelligence and logic. Such individuals are definitely not fit for the Software Industry. The truth of the matter is that they are simply incompetent and cannot accept that fact. I simply fail to see any concrete advantages that non-kannadigas have over the locals.

I am glad that so far IT firms are opposing the idea of reservations in the recruitment process.

Leaving Hyderabad heard right. I am leaving Hyderabad after 2 years and shifting my ass to Bangalore for a while. Its saddening to leave this beautiful city and all the friends that I have made over the last two years.

I will really miss

  • the frequent and lively cyberabad meets. You guys rock and will be missed.

  • Friends that I have made at LJ and otherwise.

  • The warm and welcoming people of this place.

  • The eateries esp the ones serving Biriyani ;-)

Goodbye Hyderabad. I will miss you.
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Ambitious Lemon

From the AmbitousLemon rules page

...We do not host websites that offer Microsoft Windows platform products or services, free or otherwise. Linux, Macintosh, and alternative platforms are all welcome.

Talk about ideology. :-)

Its sad that they are not accepting any new registrations pending a server upgrade.
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6600 rant

  • Bluetooth implementation is terrible. Frequent phone reboots are required to stay online.
  • Sync'ing with my Ibook using iSync causes the phone to crash on the first attempt. The phone dies with a WSOD. When this happens, the phone cannot be switched off by the menu. The battery will have to be removed and reinserted. (hard boot? :-/)
  • The 6600 has no idea about copyrights. I took a picture of a friend yesterday and it won't let me set that picture as a thumbnail in his contact information. The phone claims that the image is copyright protected. As always a reboot solved the problem.
  • I was attempting to send a ringtone to pratibha75 who has the same phone that I have. Certain sound clips could be sent by bluetooth/IR while others couldn't. The strange part was that I initially received all the clips via bluetooth from a friend who has a SE T610.
  • Last week I dropped the phone from a height of about 1 feet. Fortunately, it landed on the mat in the car. The phone had crashed again and needed to be restarted. When it was functional again, it looked like it was brain washed. All the settings related to themes were reset to factory default.
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(no subject)

I had bookmarked this link from an entry in jace's blog as a to read.

Today I made some time to visit the link and it seems to have been removed. Interestingly, a talking 404 page greets you. Check it out here :-)

5 brownie points for creativity.

P.S. You can still get the document here (Temporary link).
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Airtel rant ...

Following my issue regarding Airtel's GPRS service, the technical department contacted me. They claim that I will not be able to receive voice calls when there is network activity (like loading a page, downloading files etc).

On the flip-side, Airtel drops idle connections. In order to avoid that, I ping out to a remote server and keep the connection active.

So I am screwed anyways....
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Not reachable or switched off

My phone is almost never switched off and most of the time within coverage area of Airtel. But whenever I am connected to GPRS, callers get a message from Airtel stating that I am either out of network coverage or that my mobile is switched off.

If that happens to you and you need to reach me nonetheless, either leave a voice mail or send me an sms.

It's pretty stupid that this service provider can't handle voice calls and GPRS at the same time.